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The BADA Travel application was designed and thought in order to make our travels smoother, knowing that if we have a health issue (especially if we’re outside of our country) we’ll be able to have immediate access to a team of accredited doctors. In addition to the qualification and medical specialty, one of the differentiating points is that the App shows which languages the doctor knows, which helps a lot in a situation where we may be more stressed.

It is our belief that the BADA Travel app will revolutionize the way travelers access healthcare. For now, the app will be available in Portugal, but it is our intention to make the app available worldwide.


João Bon de Sousa

Founder & Managing Director of a several companies; 14 years at Microsoft Portugal & WE roles; Managing Director at Nixdorf Portugal and NCR; Bachelor on Business Management.


Miguel Dias

Healthcare Director at Microsoft Brasil 14 years at Microsoft Portugal & Western Europe, Healthvault Other companies like Capgemini Ernst & Young, Unisys and Simoldes Group; Insead Online Business Strategy and University of Aveiro.


José Maria Amorim

25 years at Johnson & Johnson in USA, EMEA and Latin America; President of Johnson & Johnson Medical Italy; Managing Director J&J Medical Southern Cluster LATAM; Founder & Managing Partner TG Lda Real Estate invest. & manag.; Business Management ISEG – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.

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  • General clinic
  • Pediatrics
  • Dermatology
  • Stomatology
  • Orthopedics
  • and others.


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