May 14, 2019

What is BADA?


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What is BADA? BADA is an app that allows you to book a doctor abroad. Simple as that.

But why should you download BADA?


Well, let’s think about Sven. Sven is a digital strategist that was relocated to a foreign country that, unfortunately, the majority doesn’t speak English or his native tongue. Sven just arrived there and when in a foreign country, that culturally is a lot different than what you’re used to, you know that you’ve to try to accommodate yourself. “Be water” as Bruce Lee said.

Don’t fight the change, don’t fight the differences. You’ve to adapt to those changes in your life. And Sven embraces that philosophy, that a new life might bring new challenges, but also brings new adventures, new routines, that allows you to grow up. Unfortunately, Sven tried a popular dish that didn’t hit it well in his stomach. It happens sometimes.

He goes to the pharmacy, tries to explain his problem but it’s hard for the pharmacist to understand him. He buys what the pharmacist thinks his best for what Sven tried to describe, but it doesn’t work. And now what? The initial discomfort is turning into pain. He might try the public hospital, but does the medic know English or Swedish? How long will take until he’s attended? Would Sven be attended by a general practitioner or a MD specialized in Gastroenterology?

And that’s what BADA is for.

To whom BADA is meant?


BADA it’s for you who’s travelling to a foreign country, either to live there or just for vacation. It’s for you who don’t want to have those kinds of worries that Sven encountered. It’s to guarantee you peace of mind regarding your health.

BADA allows you to book a doctor that might be a general practitioner or specialized in a field that you need; to book a doctor that does speaks your language (or at least English) and BADA App will allow you to choose between a doctor’s visit or for you to visit it.

BADA – For safer traveling and peace of mind.

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What is BADA?

What is BADA? BADA is an app that allows you to book a doctor abroad. Simple as that. But why should you download BADA?  

booking a doctor abroad

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For safer traveling and peace of mind.

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